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With a whole new wave of Covid, comes a whole new wave of stress. Despite this new wave that is clashing with the first wave, President Trump is demanding schools reopen in this fall semester. It doesn't seem like the schools have a completely foolproof plan in place yet, and the plans they do have don't seem very realistic. Especially for elementary school students. I just don't know that they understand the importance of social distancing, especially considering the amount of time they have been away from the school atmosphere. Also considering the fact that the majority of kids will be asymptomatic makes me cringe even more! I understand our children need to be social but in my opinion, it seems a bit irresponsible to put them in situations that could potentially be detrimental, not only to them, but everyone around them. I spoke to a few people on their thoughts of the situation, and here's what they said:

"I am a tad bit conflicted because I know children need to interact with their peers. But I don't want those interactions to jeopardize health. I know some schools are taking away times where kids will be in common areas which is a good start. My school is getting rid of recess. But having children sit in the same seat all day and not being able to move around is a bit ridiculous. Adults can't even sit for 6 hours in the same seat without being able to move around, so I can imagine the behaviors that may come with this. I am also an advocate that education is important! So I understand why schools are trying to bring the kids back into school buildings. However I think this was a rush to judgment because cases

seem to be rising again. So I feel things may shut down again and we'll be right back to where we were three months ago. Now if a plan was put into place where virtual live teaching were to happen I will be okay with that. Because what happened in March children were just given busy work to end off the year and no actual learning took place."

"I don't think there should be a school filled with kids, if anything, school should be online and if kids need after school help then they should have different ways for kids to come and get that help."

"I am a bit apprehensive and not sure yet how all this is going to flow...I would tell parents to trust their intuition...if you don't feel like it's time...then I wouldn't..."

"I feel they need the school setting but I truly think it's not safe for them. I feel like they need to do zoom or something to teach the students and also incorporate recess activities for them all through the virtual setting and still have the drive through assistance for meals like how they have been doing them since they've been out of school."

"Although I'm sure it's many kids missing out on education and meals (as some kids depend on those school meals) I don't believe there is anything to really protect them from getting and infecting each other."

"I think it's unsafe because kids my age at school like playing around and getting close. Like touching when playing high fives even when coronavirus was big and when I was in school people were still touching and making jokes when someone sneezes or coughs so they don't really take it serious."

This is such a perfect time to enhance your self care routine! Relaxation is our natural defense against stress. As long as we are equipped with the right tools we will be able to balance our minds, bodies, and souls better. How are you practicing self-care during this time? What new relaxation practices are you trying, or would like to try? What are your thoughts on this situation and how are you preparing yourself and your students to continue moving forward?

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