Enhance your Wellness Routine: Sensory Deprivation

Updated: Apr 26

How intentional are you when it comes to the care of your mental space?

Do you have one ritual you practice on a daily basis? Or do you have five you filter through pretty regularly?

Me, I’m a Butterfly, a free spirit. I have to go where the wind takes me & listen to my mind and body tell me what it needs. The way my human is designed is that I need different care for different areas of my life. I always practice mindfulness no matter what. Sometimes how you practice mindfulness though, can get monotonous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with tuning your self care routine a bit. Every now and then, it needs it! Recently, we’ve been practicing Sensory Deprivation. I must say, this brings a whole new level to self care. It’s actually not as wild as it sounds. It’s a pretty regular mindfulness practice that started back in the 1950’s. Sensory Deprivation entirely prevents your mind and body from processing external stimuli. This, in turn, helps your body to relax. We practice Sensory Deprivation inside of a float tank. Flotation Therapy is a natural way to heal. It provides a gravity-free & Sensory reduced environment that offers the nervous system and muscles an opportunity to completely relax.

Reducing stress is crucial for preserving our health. When you intentionally practice mindfulness, stressful situations may arise, & you are better mentally equipped to handle them with ease and grace.

Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human physical or mental illness.

This health tool has a plethora of benefits like, it:

•Eliminates stress

•Relieves physical pain

•enhances creativity

•aids in meditation

•Strengthens immune, digestive, & reproductive systems

And so much more.

Like any other alternative practice, it is just that, something you practice regularly to achieve maximum results.

I have prepared this so that you may have a positive experience when you try float therapy. Also To give you an idea of what to expect during your visit.

-Make sure you book plenty of time in advance. (Believe it or not, more people now than ever are looking for more natural ways to practice Wellness & relaxation) What’s a better way to practice than to schedule time in your day to do nothing? After all, that is the idea of relaxation right?

-You will go to your room, in there you will find your pool or pod (whichever you prefer) my preference is the pod; A shower and any necessities you may need before during or after your float. There will be water, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, earplugs, ointment, clear water for your face and eyes. They even provide a quiet room for you to go into & gather yourself after such an amazing experience.

-you will shower before and after your float. The first shower should be lukewarm and will prepare you for the pod

-the room and water temperature are both set at the same temperature as our body’s.

-enjoy your 1 hour float session. You are able to request more time before your session Starts

-once you are inside of your pod get comfortable and just relax. Since this is a new experience for some, it may take a moment to relax; You will begin to feel more comfortable.

-there is a blue light inside your pod, if you prefer to be in complete darkness you also have the option to turn it off.

-you are able to float in your swim suit or your birthday suit. It’s entirely up to you.

-once your session is up you will hear soft meditation music playing. Don’t hesitate to take your time as you regroup and bring it back to reality.

-once you are finished, you may relax in the quiet room or go ahead and leave

This experience makes us more mindful of how seldom we are able to spend time completely alone to just ruminate on our thoughts, or, nothing.

Happy Floating!



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