Lifestyle Enhancement: Essential oils

Many people are looking to live a more holistic lifestyle where you practice self care & relaxation, and have a more medicinal approach to healing. Since living a holistic lifestyle is tailored to each individual person and their individual needs, there are so many different methods and techniques to achieve the results you are looking for. Living a holistic lifestyle requires you to treat the person as a whole. For example: you suddenly come down with a terrible headache; the questions you should be asking are why? What has changed in these moments to cause this? Have I become stressed and need to take a quick minute to relax? Am I hungry? What's going on? Instead of going straight to grab a painkiller, evaluate yourself. See what's going on. With that being said, there are so many ways to get rid of that headache and also achieve many other results just by being more mindful, making a few healthier choices here & there, and being consistent. They always have products and supplements and things from natural ingredients like, "with lemon" or "lavender scent" but once they add the toxic chemicals to make it 'better' it no longer is good for you. Side note: did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to be absorbed into your bloodstream and be found in every organ in your body? 😱🤯 (yeah.. I know right! ) These chemicals can disrupt your body's systems, and throw off your hormones. Go check out my post on Thursday's Tea Thyme to see some of these toxic chemicals it wouldn't hurt us to begin to avoid. Anywhoo.. So where did those scents and flavors come from? It just makes more sense to go straight to the source, right? One of my favorite 'alternatives' are essential oils. They have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Essential oils are extracts from plants. Plants are our connection to our Earth. Plants feed and cure us. Essential oils can be found in a plants flower, stem, leaves, bark, or fruit. They protect plants from disease and provide nutrients. Essential oils contain the compounds to support body systems and our health & wellness. Our bodies are constantly speaking to us and telling us what it needs. All we have to do is listen. Essential oils are very beneficial. The vapors help to heal through aromatherapy and these oils can help to battle a number of issues in our bodies. You just have to find a blend that works for you. Essential oils are amazing but tricky and may be harmful if used incorrectly I will show you a few of my favorite lifestyle blends that I have created. This will give you a bit of a foundation and also help you find alternatives in your own luxury lifestyle journey!

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