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I am so happy and grateful now that I am able to practice being more mindful and better control my emotions. My emotional journey is definitely just that. A journey. However, taking it one emotional moment at a time helps me to better manage them. 🙃 This is one reason I created Sho.Lux Lifestyle Centre. Mental health is very important to me and sometimes we need to just stop and smell the roses. Literally. It can get hard trying to schedule time with ourselves to be able to check in and make sure we're good and if not, how we can take care of that. So it's nice to have things to help us be more intentional throughout our journey. Sho.Lux Lifestyle Centre offers that! We offer courses & guides & literature like this, & also products to remind us to stay mindful and help us relax our bodies and minds throughout our regular everyday lifestyle.

Self care is a practice. The more you do it, the better you will become. How you do it is entirely up to you. No journey is the same so no practice will be either. We do however, practice wellness and living a Holistic lifestyle, so take what you need & share what you don't! 🤗

Not only do I find Amethyst absolutely beautiful, I love it for it's healing and protective properties.

Amethyst is a quartz and regularly form inside large geodes within volcanic rock. Quartz are the most abundant mineral on the planet & form as a result of geological processes. Can we just stop and take that in for a minute?! This beautiful stone comes from a process called crystallizing from molten magma. If you ask me, even the way this mineral comes to be is a beautiful transformation process that we should consider being mindful of! What do you think?

Amethyst reminds us that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

It protects against anything that may disrupt mental balance & promotes knowledge, awareness, & balance.

It's comforting presence Encourages us to see the bigger picture in situations. Amethyst is an excellent enhancement to your feng shui.

🔮Amethyst is a protection crystal

🔮Amethyst emits a beautiful Calming vibration


🔮Amethyst absorbs & repels negative energy

🔮Amethyst Strengthens & Boosts the immune system

🔮Amethyst increases focus & enhances memory

🔮Helps to re-establish boundaries & sense of control

🔮Works well against stress

🔮Promotes clarity

Here is a Mantra for you to try daily during your meditation to remind us to stay mindful of our thoughts.

Mantra: my mind is a safe home and my thoughts are peaceful visitors

Stay Mindful & protect your energy.



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