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Sho.Lux Lifestyle Centre is a Luxury Lifestyle Company, focused on the Art of Relaxation. Mental Health is very important to me, this is why I have created a space for people to be able to come to & just relax. Relaxation is our body's  natural defense against stress. Relaxation is the process of releasing tension and returning the balance of both the body and mind. Balancing our minds and body is essential to our overall health because if one part is imbalanced, another part may become so as well.  Relaxation techniques are very essential factors in maintaining a healthy mind and body.  Since stress is known to contribute to the development of many diseases, one needs an antidote to battle stress. People of all ages experience stress and may not be equipped to handle it. If you are unable to put your stress into context, it can often lead to feelings of extreme anxiety. Sho.Lux Lifestyle Centre offers a wide range of private and distinctive relaxation services and products to assist in a healthier stress-reduced lifestyle over a period.  Offering these products & services will assist in achieving confidence by providing self care services, products, and education, in order to provide the best opportunities for a healthier lifestyle. We help to educate people on the importance of wellness and how it can positively affect your mind, body, and soul. Sometimes changes, trends, and certain limitations prevent us from taking full advantage of the proper relaxation etiquette. We have developed solutions as an extension of relaxation and wellness. These services are personalized and tailored to your specific stress relief and relaxation needs.  Sho.Lux Lifestyle Centre Implements relaxation and grooming options in bliss filled lifestyle packages. We have a wide range of options to help fully experience the benefits of relaxation. We also provide education and support to assist in lifestyle goals away from the Salon Centre. Again, we are very pleased you have decided to experience Sho.Lux Lifestyle Centre and look forward to providing you with quality, private, luxury, & distinctive lifestyle services. 


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